Thursday, October 11, 2007

To Be A Common Man

I think it was a great change in Mr. ‘B’, after his promotion as an in-charge of his department; he would avoid joining the band of his colleague during the lunch break. Perhaps after elevated on a post upper then others, he thought, it was not proper to stand having tea, near a roadside tea stall, with his juniors. At that moment he didn’t remain a common man like others. I have seen many officers and the people enjoying a special status in society, avoid public places and even they don’t intend to meet the people not belonging to their cadre. Such types of people live in their own ivory tower. Mostly, these people are found detached from real life, their gain proves to be at the cost of a loss.

After a year, an employee who was senior than Mr. ‘R ’, represented himself and replaced at the post of Mr. ‘R’, so he was reverted on his former post and joined us as usual. It doesn’t mean that real joy of a life is only lies in the life style of a common man, but surely it is not in a mess of so many bindings and restrictions. A common man has no need to wear mask neither he has to adopt double standard, which becomes very necessary for celebrities, in this sense, I think, he is closer to life. Perhaps, this is a justice of Almighty God, that when He bestows some privileges to a V.I.P., the man don’t know that his gain has also a supplement of loss on the contrary same position is with the common man that though he has been deprived of those special things, but still he belongs advantages of being a common man.

I don’t know how many people in this world aspire to be a V.I.P., as for as my personal intention is concerned, I have never desired to do so as I think to be a common man is to be in a position to enjoy a natural and a peaceful life .Now a days to remain a common man is not so easy as every individual in our society has been put on a track where the ultimate goal of life is to achieve a place for himself which may provide him an identity and his behavior may suit the life style of our age, and it is sure that this ideal attitude is not of an ordinary man’s behavior.

Every age brings its own requirements, and the people living in that particular period mould themselves accordingly.

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