Sunday, June 29, 2008


کسی کا یہاں کو ئی چہرہ نہیں ہے
مکھوٹا اگر ہےتو پہچان ہے
بر سوں سے وہ اجنبی اس شہر میں
چہرے کو لے کرپریشان ہے۔

Saturday, June 28, 2008


سچ ہے کہ رگِ جاں سے لگے بیٹھے ہو لیکن

کیوں اس شہرِ جاں کی سیاحت نہیں کر تے

ہے شہر کے لو گوں سے اسے ایک شکایت

تعظیم تو کر تے ہیں محبّت نہیں کرتے

میں نے بھی مکھوٹوں کو ہلا ڈالا ہے جڑ سے

اب لو گ یہاں مجھ کو ملامت نہیں کرتے

مدّت ہو ئی خوشیاں یہ پتہ بھول گئی ہیں

اس گھر کی طرف آ پ بھی زحمت نہیں کرتے

الفاظ کی حرمت کا ہمیں پاس بہت ہے

ہم اپنے مقدّر کی شکایت نہیں کر تے


لطف پہچان کا بھی تو لو اجنبی

ہم سے مل مل کے یوں نہ بنو اجنبی

اجنبی پن ہے شیوہ مرے شہر کا

آ گئے ہو تو بن کر رہو اجنبی

سہ نہ پا ؤ گے تنہا ئیاں شہر کی

اس سے بہتر ہے تنہا رہو اجنبی

ہم شناسائیوں کے بھرم میں جئے

کھل نہ پا یا کہ آ خر ہیں دو اجنبی

زندگی ہے کہ بستی کسی غیر کی

تم شناسا سہی پھر بھی ہو اجنبی

Friday, June 27, 2008

Poverty in India

The nation, once upon a time, known as the golden bird, enchanted by the slogan Gharibi Hatao, crowned the politicians who coined these word, still repent for its miserable condition. There are certain socio economical as well as political factors responsible for the problem. Though many waters have been flown during the passage of time after independence, in spite of abundant natural resources and the great man power available in this country, inexplicable condition of human life here is a matter of concern for concerning authority, but who cares.

Some people have an opinion that the ideological back ground of Indian society, a creation of our religious thinking, though it may be created by Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Buddhist religion, always preferred poverty to prosperity.

Islam’s concept of ‘’Tassawwuf’’ denounced worldly grandeur and preferred good deeds and charity, “Maya” and “Mitthya” in Hindu Philosophy have same notion, Gautam Budh, the Prince of Patliputra had disowned his Kingdom and gone towards forest in search of peace. All these evidences show t wealth hat various religions in our country had always discouraged the, pomp and show, wealth and worldly luxuries.

The accumulation of wealth in some hands was always criticized in our country. Our moral values gave stress on philanthropy and charity. Capitalism was always at stake in our society but the consequences of poverty and unemployment were also ignored, though it is equally dangerous, leading towards corruption followed a number of crimes in our society.

Neither poverty nor prosperity to be blamed for a corrupt society, it depends upon the behavior of people. Individuals in a society must be trained to utilize the resources in hand skillfully and honestly. It is a tragedy of Indian society our youth are unable to get suitable jobs despite of education, they observe corruption and discrimination and it creates frustration and nervous ness among them. The unrest on this issue among new generation is dangerous for the society and this situation may give way to the chaws and even antagonist attitude. Terrorism in some part of our country is also a reaction of this problem, which should be curbed from grass root level.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008