Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Every disaster occurs in any part of the country. Its waves, sooner or later reach to the other citizens too. The war, earthquake, or any other natural calamity make target to a particular area, but after a very short period, people living in other regions have to share it, either it may be a lions share or of an ant.

All such occasions are very important for particular people. Most of them are of political brand, which come forward with helping hands to collect funds. Here we may recall a famous Hindi proverb Dant Bhi Apne, Hont Bhi Apne and you may change it to, Hath Bhi Apna, Pet Bhi Apna. There are a lot of people who are not greedy of money. They have only a thirst of fame. Though their own monetary share has a very small bit, but the procedure provides them an opportunity to collect money for needy people and name or fame for their own account. No doubt our society has a large number of people, who feel others sorrow with depth of their heart and always ready to support others, at the same time there are another type of people who use these opportunities for there own benefit.

Apart from these particular group of people, there are many other agencies prove themselves to be very helpful and beneficial for the victims of such atrocities and the students are one of them. Last week, when I was on the way to my home, on different squares, I saw many groups of students belonging to different schools, collecting funds for the victims of Tsunami. My first impression on seeing this effort was that It was not only helpful for the victims but useful for these students also, as it will arouse a feeling of sympathy among the students and enable them to share the atrocities which had affected a large number of human beings. When we help others, it provides us with a natural ecstasy. This is a unique experiment and our students have to go through it. The people who have never extended a helping hand to others are unaware of this feeling.

The next day when I was about to leave the classroom, the class captain, Guzman approached me. She wanted my permission for collecting money to help a fellow student, Cabaña’s a class teacher I knew that Cabaña belonged to a poor family; She was even unable to pay her school fees also. Her father who was a patient of cancer, after a prolonged treatment, died last month. Guzman informed me about the hardship of her family which was passing through a huge burden of debt. There was no earning hand in her family after the death of her father. Now they are in an unbearable plight. Guzman told me that the students of her class collected some money to help Shabana’s family. After the permission of the principal, I allowed them to do so .It happen with us that we always fell the troubles of the people far away from us and fail to under stand the problems of our kith and kin. I was happy that my students not only acknowledged the agony of Tsunami victims but they also felt the Tsunami waves under their feet.

The sympathy and humanity is indeed a part of our teaching. These human values are at the stake in our society. If the educational institutes succeed to inculcate these ideals among the students, it will be indeed a great achievement.

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