Saturday, October 21, 2006


What a lovely time the last day of the examination is! Only those people know its fascination who have passed through the tiresome agony of the examination. No problem whether they pass or fail . The result of every examination is a sigh of relief, full of joy and ecstasy.

The tragedy of new generation is that it has been deprived of a number of natural pleasures. A freedom after the examination is also one of them .you might have seen the glowing faces of small children, as they are poured out of a school building, after the school is over. Last day of the examination provides the same feeling to it’s every examinee. Nowadays education has become a nonstop procedure. As soon as the students of higher classes particularly of ninth and eleventh standard come out of the kingdom of boredom of any examination, they have to join another territory of tuition and coaching classes.

After the annual examination, students are provided leave, for at least one or two weeks. Some teachers presume that one or two days are sufficient, but the concept of this one-day leave does not match to the young minds, which are always full of ambitions.

Now a day after examinations, in spite of enjoying holidays, they have to start tuition classes which have become a part and parcel of our education system, at every level I have even seen tiny tots studying in the kindergarten, also join tuition classes which have become, more a matter of prestige and less a solution for the education. A huge burden of books is piled upon these small heads, which they have to transport all over the year.

These students spent their academic year hoping that at least, at the end of the session holidays will bring comfort for them, but in vain, now they have to continue this tire some journey on the path of extra coaching in vacations too. Vacations and holidays provide a short stoppage to our daily routine. We feel charged our selves and go ahead with a better speed .On the contrary, if it doesn’t happen; we loose interest in the business of life.

The strange phenomenon of human nature is its ability to acquire personal requirements from different sources .If people don’t get fulfillment from one place they make it available from other one since natural resources of entertainment have been snatched from young generation they are approaching to unhealthy centers of attraction.

Many coaching centers and educational institutes have become a source of pleasure for students, though it has nothing to do with their educational activities. The students who have been engaged in coaching or tuition classes, were already over burdened with the work of their previous classes, next year they will have to bear a heavier bag, full of books, with out gap or holidays between two sessions, to relax them. It shows that our whole educational set up treats these students as machines, or as a computer, though it is a machine, it has sighted an example before us that every thing has its own limitations. Computers slow down after being over burdened and some times hang too, so why not man?
Shouldn’t human being, be treated at least like a machine too?

A student is indeed a human being and he should also be treated likewise.

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