Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Teachers day- an other perspective

Teachers day celebration on the eve of the birth day of our former president and great philosopher Dr. Radhakrishnan has been serving a noble purpose of providing moral support to the teachers community. Through ages, the status, duties, responsibilities as well as social scenario has gone through a perpetual change. The power to inculcate moral values among masses, and ability to guide society among teachers is indeed an asset of our society. 

There has been a great change in our society due to commercialization of educational institutes and improper policies introduced in recent years.

 In old changes, teacher was a powerful medium of social change. In our age, introduced load shedding in the field of education too has made him feeble and helpless. Present changes in educational policy provide more liberty to students. The educational institutes and authorities are more powerful to achieve their selfish ambitions. Privatisation of education has led to wealth hoarding tendencies. 

  The nation has a target to make the whole country literate. In this perspective, teachers are unable to play their role effectively. He has been reduced only to be a medium of increasing the literacy graph. Now a days, a teacher needs support to perform his/her duty of instill education.

With these obstacles, no doubt we will generate a crowd of literate people but our society will be deprived of educated people in real sense.


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