Friday, November 09, 2007

Beating Drum of Sex Education

While using electronic gadgets like mobile, computers, T.V. and even bikes too, I have to take help of my sons, as they know how to operate these things and solve the problems in no time. This is not only with me. The people of my age are passing through the same situation and feel that the time is passing with the speed which is not in our control. We are compelled to drag ourselves in a world witch is strange to us, different to the period we were accustomed to. The present time is of new generation and the nature has bestowed these young people, intelligence, skills and all those abilities which are required to cope the problems of present world.

We know that the sexual urge is common among man and animal. The teaching system of nature never failed to train these two species to perform their duties, otherwise some generations would have passed without generating their next generations. In such a situation we advocate imparting sex education to the new generation which is very sharp to under stand each and every thing, it looks like a joke.

The great exposure of sex in media had filled the atmosphere with sex waves in our atmosphere.
A day before, my fiend Mr. ‘S’ told me, “The students whom we intend to educate sex are already in a position to teach you some thing new, these advance learners have no need of such type of education, although, the threat regarding AIDS and other abuses may require awareness among them, which we are already teaching through different campaigns, however, separate provision for sex education may be as we are giving a dangerous tool not only in the hands of students but it may be harmful for the irresponsible teachers too. This statement can’t be understood if you are not aware, what is going inside the four walls of our educational institutes.”
Most of the people advocate sex education in school with out knowing its consequences. Now a days it has become a fashion to favor each and every thing newly introduce, so that people may not categories you orthodox.

Sex education is being introduced in schools so that our students may not fall pray of illicit relation and it is a safety measure from dangerous deceases like Aids. I thing the threat may be convey to them, but to tell them whole story is beyond logic. It recalled me another story. Once, before Fridays prayer, a Maulana, a religious orator told the audience, in the mosque that it is against our religion to beat drum in a mosque.

After prayer ,when he reached home, his wife informed him that she is suffering from a decease since a long time, she had promised God ,if she got rid from that ailment, she would made her husband beat a drum in the mosque on Friday. Maulvi Sahab shocked to know her intention and told her that he had just announced it prohibited, so how is it possible?
His wife started weeping, “You can’t do such a small thing for me!”

Next week, before Friday prayer Maulvi Sahab stood for his sermon with a drum in his hands and beat it two or three times .People were astonished to see him .One of them asked Maulvi Sahab , “ last week you had declared that it was prohibited in our religion ,and now you are doing it ?.Maulvi Sahab replied, “last week; I had forgotten to tell you which type of drum beating is prohibited, so I thought, I should give a practical example before you.

I told this story to my friend, Mr.“S.”, so he asked me ,The people want to make sex education compulsory in schools ,are they also suffering from any decease, like Maulvi Sahab’s wife?

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